Aerial view of the Senedd building

Our work helps you make informed decisions

Briefing for new Assembly Members

One of the things those of who work in the world of external review frequently get asked is, ‘what do you do?’. We know what we do is important, makes a difference, and the evidence we provide helps change things for the better, but perhaps a short briefing paper would help those of us not quite so immersed in our world understand? We thought so.

This is particularly important for the new Assembly, with the elections held on 5 May, as many of the Assembly Members will be new, and may not be familiar with our work. And they will be making decisions about public services right from the start of their new roles. Solid evidence helps people make good decisions.

Hence we prepared a short briefing paper, Audit, Inspection and Regulation in Wales [PDF 216KB opens in new window]. It provides a summary of who we are and what we do.

We hope it will be helpful, and encourage people to use our work to inform themselves. After all, you need to know we exist and the types of reports we write before you make decisions on services.

Our Inspection Wales partners work will help you answer questions like:

  • Is my council, or hospital well run?
  • Are schools in Wales getting better?
  • How did that happen? E.g. Cardiff Airport, Welsh Drainage Board
  • What do they spend all that money on?
  • What are the big problems we face in Wales?
  • And detailed information on specific topics such as: Are Welsh Operating Theatres getting better?
  • Are services helping older people stay independent?

So, our various reports add to the sum total of knowledge against which you can make your own decisions about individual schools, care homes and wider public services.

This briefing paper sets the background to our work, and points to further resources. We hope everyone who reads it will find it helpful.

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