Two (Heads) are better than one

Wales Audit Office blog

Here, our guest blogger Mark Campion, HMI Estyn, explains how Estyn and the Auditor General for Wales together examined school improvement services delivered through regional consortia in Wales and the benefits gained from working in collaboration.  

With a common interest in how the four regional education consortia were developing, Estyn inspectors and Wales Audit Office staff worked together to share hypotheses, draw on each others’ expertise, and work more efficiently by pooling resources.

How did Estyn and the Wales Audit Office work together on this report? Video transcription

We planned our fieldwork visits together, spending four days as a combined team in each of the four regions.  While each organisation had particular areas of interest, we were mutually concerned about the leadership and management of the consortia.  We therefore held joint interviews with senior staff and elected members during the visits.  During the week we held joint team meetings…

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